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X201 Motion Kit

X201 Motion Kit

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The X201 Motion kit bundles together everything related to the motion of your build.  This includes the linear rails, lead screws, steppers, and the majority of the hardware pieces to assemble everything on your X201.  This kit saves money by providing just the right number of fasteners and bearings for your build. The hardware and fasteners included in this kit provide you with everything to attach the pully towers, steppers, rails, Z-Carriage and Y carriage towers.  The kit also includes the lithium grease for your rails and lead screws.

The complete motion kits includes

5x   300mm MGN12H Linear Rails (each LayerFused tested to ensure no binding)
2x   300mm Stainless Steel Lead Screw 300mm T8 OD 8mm Pitch 2mm Lead 2mm (With Brass Nut)
4x   NEMA 17 Steppers
4x   4pin to 6pin cable connectors
2x   5mm to 8mm Lead Screw couplers
1x  GT2 Timing Belt 5M Long (enough for X301 Build)
6x   Toothed Pulley
2x   Smooth Pulley
2x   Stepper Pulley
8x   M3 washers
2x   M5 Washers
12x M5 Nut
2x   M3 Nut
16x M3 T-Nuts
28x M5 T-Nuts
44x M3 8mm socket head screws
28x M5 8mm socket head screws
2x   M5 35mm socket head screws
4x   M5 40mm socket head screws
6x   M5 12mm socket head screws
2x   M3 12mm socket head screws
1x   Lithium Grease for Lead Screws and Linear Rails