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NEMA 17 Stepper 1.8° with 1.5M Wire

NEMA 17 Stepper 1.8° with 1.5M Wire

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Expand your build with a 3rd stepper for the Z Axis!  This package includes one NEMA 17 and extra long 1.5M wires designed for your X301, X201, C201 or other 3D Printer build.  The wires have JST connectors on the end designed to plug directly into popular mainboards like the SKR V1.4.  

  • 39mm stepper height
  • Nema 17 stepper motor with step angle 1.8°
  • Holding Torque: 45Ncm(, 12-24 VDC
  • Rated Current/phase: 1.50A & Phase Resistance: 2.3ohms

4pin to 6pin cable connectors

  • Motor Port 6Pin Terminal Pitch: 2.0mm,
  • Control Port 4Pin Terminal Pitch: 2.54mm.