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NEMA 17 Pancake Stepper 20mm body

NEMA 17 Pancake Stepper 20mm body

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Reduce ringing in your 3D Prints with this NEMA 17 pancake stepper.  This stepper is a low profile of only 20mm and perfect for the X301 or any direct drive 3D printer.  This lightweight 140g (4.9oz) stepper has a 13Ncm ( holding torque and 1.8 deg step angle.  The stepper is rated for 1.0A and has a resistance of 3.5Ω.  The 5mm shaft makes it a drop in replacement larger NEMA 17 steppers.  

Electrical Specification:
* Manufacturer Part Number: 17HS08-1004S
* Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
* Step Angle: 1.8 deg.
* Holding Torque: 13Ncm(
* Rated Current/phase: 1.0A
* Phase Resistance: 3.5ohms
* Inductance: 4.5mH+/-20%(1KHz)

Physical Specification:
* Frame Size: 42 x 42mm
* Body Length: 20mm
* Shaft Diameter: 5mm
* Shaft Length: 20mm
* D-cut Length: 16.5mm
* Number of Leads: 4
* Lead Length: 400mm
* Weight: 140g

Wiring Connection:
Black(A+), Green(A-), Red(B+), Blue(B-)

Stepper may come in either all black or black and silver but are functionally the same.