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LayerFused X201 Printed Parts Kit

LayerFused X201 Printed Parts Kit

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Begin the 3D Printer build of your life! The X201 Printed parts kit is a base kit of parts for basic X201 assembly.  The kit contains only the essential parts for the main build..  You will need to print the remaining parts for your printer after you build it.  The printed part kit includes

  • 2x Rear Corner Bracket Tops
  • 2x Z Carriage Brackets
  • 2x Bed Brackets
  • 4x Bed Mounts (Fits E3 Bed)
  • 2x X/Y Carriage Brack Top Teeth
  • 2x X/Y Carriage Brack Top Smooth
  • 2x Z Axis Motor Mounts
  • Left & Right X/Y Motor Mounts
  • Left & Right Rear Pulley Towers
  • Left X/Y Carriage Bracket Bottom
  • Right X/Y Carriage Bracket Bottom
  • Mainboard Mount
  • Rear Power Panel Mount
  • Filament feed Mount
  • Part Cooling Duct 
  • Carriage - Front Plate
  • Carriage - Belt Body Main
  • Carriage - Belt Plate Right
  • Carriage - Belt Plate Left
  • Rear Cable Mount
  • Cable Plate (Solder Version)
  • Cooling Fan Plate
  • Mechanical Endstop Mount

All of the parts are printed in Midnight Black Pro PLA which has a thermal resistance to 85c (185f).